Thermomix will turn recipes you’ve probably never bother to cook (because they seemed like too much effort) into an easy and fun achievement! Meals that once took your grandmother several hours to prepare, you can produce quickly and easily by throwing the ingredients into the machine, turning the button and take the credit for the result.

The Thermomix can:

  • Knead bread dough, pizza, pasta and pastry
  • Boil pasta and rice
  • Produce caramel and other high temperature foods safely
  • Fry or brown onions, garlic and other produce
  • Stir in ingredients
  • Steam fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and rice
  • Slow cook meat & vegetables
  • Simmer sauces, soups and milk desserts like custard
  • Chop and mince up meat, nuts, herbs and vegetables
  • Crush ice and frozen fruit for silky sorbets or cocktails
  • Blend fruits, frostings, soups, sauces, smoothies, milkshakes
  • Puree vegetables, fruits and special diets
  • Grind coffee beans, sugar and nuts
  • Mill flour from wheat, rice, nuts or grains
  • Whip egg whites and yolks.
  • Grate hard cheese, chocolate and nuts
  • Emulsify mayonnaise, salad dressings or body care products
  • Weigh liquids and solids
  • Maintain temperature for yogurt, butter, cheese, baby food, chocolate or delicate sauces
  • Clean itself
  • Plan your food menu
  • Create a shopping list from recipes
  • Order the ingredients from major supermarkets
  • Break apart to wash in dishwasher

Thermomix Recipe Platform include recipe book, website and app to help you plan your meals, choose the recipe, get the ingredients and cook the Thermomix way.

If you seek to eat healthy home-cooked meals, love to cook but don’t have the time, hate the washing and cleaning up or if you know nuts about cooking, the Thermomix is the best invention in the kitchen you can dream of to make cooking healthy and delicious food so easy, fast and without the cleaning and kitchen mess. Besides it combines 12 kitchen appliances into 1, saving you lots of space and cost too.


Where can I get a Thermomix?

There’s nothing worse than spending money and it being a waste. Thermomix cooking is different because it’s more precise and you cook by temperature. New machines are always sold through advisers because you so have the reassurance of someone supporting you as you get started and grow in confidence with your machine. I want to help you get started as I have personal experience and want to inspire you to get the full benefit of it, so it pays for itself many times over.

That’s where I come in, even if you contact the manufacturer – they will pass you to someone like me to show you the machine because personal service is part of the package. You can have an online virtual demo to run through any questions and then I deal with the manufacturer, track delivery and get you up and running.

This machine is so easy to use, when mine arrived I just turned to my kids and said: ‘You are on dinner duty tonight, so here’s the ingredients to cook risotto. Just follow the instructions on the screen and I will be around if you get stuck.’ They turned out perfect risotto without any help – and the next morning I came down to see my younger son using it to make pancakes for breakfast (he was 12 at the time).

At the ‘welcome to your new Addition’ demonstration when you have received it, I will show you all its functions, operatation and care for your new Thermomix. If you need to follow a specific food plan – Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free or Dairy Free – this machine can easily handle these requirements. It will inspire you to break out of a cooking rut because you know that the picture on the screen is what will end up on your plate. If you are more confident and adventurous then you make up your own recipes and this machine takes a lot of the drudgery out of everyday cooking.

All demonstrations are tailored to your interests and requirements. A personal experience lets you get your hands on the machine (subject to safety limits) to cook a few different dishes to see why this is so different. Why not invite a few friends to join you, so you can sit down for a meal with friends without having to cook or wash up!

If you would like to purchase a Thermomix or see a demonstration please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


With proper care, the Thermomix should last a lifetime, but has a two-year warranty. It will replace at least 20 appliances: blender, bread maker, steamer, scales, mixer to make bread, flour and yoghurt in minutes. As with its low carbon footprint as it is very energy efficient rating, you are also cutting down on electricity costs.

How the machine works?

If you can follow a recipe and turn a dial – then that’s it – you are qualified to operate this machine!

It’s got a large colour touchscreen (6.8 inches) that displays recipes developed from by its international users. From this large screen you operate three on-screen dials to set time, temperature, direction of blades and speed. It’s an all in 1 multi-functional machine guides you step-by-step through the cooking process. It transformed my cooking as I now expanded the range and quality of food I turn out because it saves me time and money but I actually have fun and it is a pleasure to sit down to food without my kitchen looking like a wreck!

It saves workspace because you don’t need loads of kitchen equipment as its so versatile. Along with saving you time standing stirring at the hob, it also it whips, grinds, steams, mixes, blends, chops, kneads, heats and weighs – to name just a few functions.

Thermomix® has an integrated app called Cookidoo® which gives you access to an international cooking community who have created the world’s largest cookbook! Access this app from an device so even when you are out and about you have access to this machine!

Thermomix runs off built in Wi-Fi, so it updates itself and has added even more cooking features after its lauch – so your machine improved with age.  The latest features that have been added to TM6 are the ‘Thicken’ (for sauces), ‘Fermentation’, ‘Slow cooking’ and ‘Rice cooker’ mode. This machine has a large range of cooking abilities Sous vide or vacuum cooking enables cooking fish and meat at a constant low temperature – so you retain the moisture and flavour. Slow cooking is a breeze but also fermentations foods like yogurt and kimchi lovers becomes easy. Thermomix also cooks safely at high temperatures for caramelised sugar or ensure that milk will never boil over so sauces and custards are turned out without all that stirring! In addition, it includes new features such as the kettle mode or a pre-wash mode that even cleans itself!


The revised silicon measuring cup fits in the centre of the lid makes cooking with Thermomix quieter but also can be used as a measuring cup, a splash guard for cooking messy foods that need to reduce such as jams. The internal steaming basket with lid for rice or veg doubles to strain foods, a soft silicon spatula to scrape down contents but the hook also lifts out the steaming basket safely. Plus, butterfly whisk to make the dreamiest meringues and frozen fruit sorbets.

It’s internal weighing scales which are sensitive to the single digit and calculates both dry and wet ingredients. It fry’s at high temperatures as well as crushes ice and other tough ingredients – such as meats.  Thermomix dimensions are 34.1 cm high, 32.6 cm wide and a depth of 32.6 cm and a weight of 7.95 kg.


You can get a Thermomix in three ways:

  1. Buy it outright using personal finance (Credit/Debit card)
  2. Apply for spread payment finance
  3. Earn it for free as an advisor

Current price of latest Thermomix (TM6) is GBP £1149.


Why buy through me?  Well all orders, even those done directly through Vorwerk website, will be passed to an advisor as part of the 5 star service from Thermomix.

When you own a Thermomix, its helpful to have a friend to call upon to get the best out of your machine.  As an advisor, I have used the machine and can answer any questions to get you going.  I will also be there as technical support should you ever need help (and that means real out of hours service where someone is at the end of a telephone for queries!).


You can spread the payment through our finance partner. This means that payment can be as little as £1 per day (depending on payment option), and payment can be spread up to 36 months. The savings made from cooking your own food will pay for itself!

From time to time, we can offer exceptional APR’s. Contact me to find out the latest options.


I actually decided to become an advisor because I wanted to show it with other people, and my journey started!


Why be a Thermomix® advisor?

Earn your  Thermomix®

Be your own boss

Explore new challenges


Be your own boss

Have you ever thought about becoming your own boss or having your own business? Now is your opportunity! Start a business with Thermomix® and get the support and backing of an established brand. 

Flexible hours

Do you want to a fulfilling job whilst still having plenty of time for the family? As an independent Advisor you can work flexible hours that suit you and your lifestyle!


You will be part of a strong community of people who share the same passion for our products and helping people. 


From personal support and inspiring group meetings to a wide range of online training courses, we have all the tools to help you make your business a success. 


Do you like to be recognised for your hard work? As an independent Advisor, you are rewarded and recognised with incentives, prizes, and once-in-a-lifetime trips! 

Share your passion

If you love to cook, and even better, love cooking with others then this is the perfect place for you. Earn a living in a fun, flexible and social way by sharing your passion with others!