Thermomix Friend® review 2021

Thermomix Friend
Thermomix Friend is the baby one!

What is Thermomix® Friend®?

Thermomix Friend is the latest addition from Vorwerk and the new member of the Thermomix family. It works in tandem with TM6 or (Wi-Fi enabled) TM5.

Thermomix Friend is a smaller, compact unit that connects using Bluetooth technology to a Thermomix TM6 or TM5 unit so cooking gets even better. Thermomix Friend is compatible with Thermomix accessories – such as the simmering basket and Varoma – as the mixing bowl is interchangeable between the ‘Friend’ and its bigger brother: TM5 / TM6.

Is Thermomix® Friend just a smaller TM6?

Yes and No. Thermomix Friend doesn’t have the same wide range of functionality that a TM5 or TM6 has – for example – it doesn’t chop food but it is a great kitchen appliance designed for simmering, sauteing or stirring. However, it is great for bulk cooking or making different things all at the same time. Friend also has its own recipes in Cookidoo.

Thermomix Friend

Are there any recipes on Cookidoo® for Thermomix® Friend?

Yes! It has its own collection.  Here’s just a few recipes in the Thermomix Friend collection on Cookidoo, but they will be growing all the time:

  • Beef Goulash with dumplings
  • Asian curried soup
  • Couscous with Apricots, hazelnuts, feta & mixed vegetables; Stracciatella cream

In addition you can use this unit to make

  • Custards
  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Keep baby food warm
  • Cook a separate menu such as Gluten-free.

So why not try a demonstration of Thermomix® and Thermomix Friend® to see how you can:

  • Save money!
  • Save time!
  • Have fun in the kitchen!


Thermomix Friend

Thermomix Friend can be used with TM6 & TM5 or as a standalone unit


  • Thermomix Friend
  • Thermomix TM6 or
  • Thermomix TM5


  • If you are using with a TM5 or TM6:
  • Turn on both units
  • TM6 / TM5 will ask you if you wish to pair with Thermomix Friend
  • Link units - you are good to go!

Contact me to find out the latest offer as I am an authorised UK Thermomix advisor.

What’s the price of Thermomix Friend?

February 2021 offer was a bundle for TM6 and Thermomix Friend for an additional £350. If you already have a spare cooking bowl ( £169) then it will be just the cost of the base unit





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