Pink chocolate heart – show your love to your Valentine!

How to make a Valentine’s day chocolate love heart as a gift for your Valentine.

Chocolate Valentine hearts gift


Valentines day gift that is easy to make. How to make chocolate love hearts in a Thermomix. Chocolate truffles are also a great way of romancing your Valentine this lockdown 2021

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Valentine day Chocolate Heart

Make a pink chocolate heart for your Valentine
Course Dessert


  • Thermomix TM6
  • chocolate heart mold


  • 300 g white chocolate
  • 1 red food colouring


  • Break up all the chocolate into small pieces
  • Roughly chop all the chocolate using the 'blend' setting for 10 seconds
  • Turn out all the chocolate into a bowl
  • Add 200g chocolate to the bowl, plus a scoop of red colouring
  • Set TM6 to 3 minutes @50' reverse setting speed 1. Check all the chocolate has now turned to liquid (cook for longer if not completely runny - about another 2 minutes)
  • Add 100g chocolate to the mixture but turn off the heat. Speed 2 for 2 mins
  • When all the chocolate has been mixed in and no lumps it will be ready
  • Prepare your mold by ensuring it is clean, dry and smooth
  • Pour chocolate into molds, then bang for a few times so all bubbles are removed
  • Leave to cool. The heart should be shiny, and will pop out of mold easily
  • Decorate

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