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Money Saving Tips: 5 Rules of Christmas

Money Saving Tips For Christmas 2020

Has your Christmas shopping gotten out of control in the past? Are you looking for a way to simplify, save money, and reduce stress this holiday season?

What if this year, you challenge yourself to abide by the 5 Rules of Christmas? Don’t know the rules? Keep reading to find out the 5 Rules for planning the most affordable Christmas this year.

Money Saving Tips: Christmas Rule #1

Give what you have, not what you will have or wish you had!

Honestly, I cannot identify with people who buy all of their Christmas gifts on credit. For years and years, I’ve known of families who are trying to get out of credit card debt who continue to spend more than they can afford on Christmas gifts. This may make for a decent December, but a horrible January. You don’t need to be out of pocket to celebrate a great Christmas! Establishing boundaries will help you celebrate Christmas and keep out of debt year after year.

Money Saving Tips: Christmas Rule #2

Giving a gift does not require buying a gift

You can communicate love for someone by giving them something that does not cost a penny. Somehow we’ve muddled love and spending together. As a result, we think those who spend money on us love us. Here are some money saving homemade Christmas Gift ideas that will save you money and time.

Money Saving Tips: Christmas Rule #3

You must make a list, but you might need to check it more than twice

Yes, making a list and going back to it to make sure you don’t go out of your budget is the best way to save money. At the very top of the page, write your total Christmas budget. If, for example, you plan to spend £500 for Christmas, then write that at the top of the page. Now allocate that £500 in portions to each person who will get a paid gift like a store bought item or a holiday gift card or a homemade Christmas gift – trust me, people love homemade over store bought any day, unless it is a video game or a holiday!

Money Saving Tips: Christmas Rule #4

Start saving money E-A-R-L-Y

If you plan it early enough (I know people who buy Christmas decorations on clearance sales just after the Christmas is over, what a great idea to save on Christmas cards and decorations for the next year!), you can actually budget in decorations, meals and gifts and whatever else you want for Christmas. Even though those decorations are being put up outrageously early, they can be a positive mental trigger. Christmas is coming. If you don’t start saving now then how can you possibly have an all-cash Christmas?

Money Saving Tips: Christmas Rule #5

Watch out for SALES all year round

Time is always a friend of a savvy shopper. Buy Christmas gifts on sale – Easter sale, Summer Sale, Halloween sale or ANY SALE! Keep an eye out online for Thanksgiving Sale – can be a great money saver just before Christmas.

This Christmas, enjoy the time with family and don’t worry about breaking your bank with these money save times and homemade Christmas gifts that can save you time and money. If you want to learn how you can make these money saving homemade Christmas recipes quickly in a Thermomix, just give me at shout at 07866765859.

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