Thermomix Friend® 10 reasons why it should be your new best friend!

Thermomix Friend


10 reasons to buy a Thermomix® Friend®:

  1. Temperature controlled cooking. Thermomix Friend still gives you the precise control that you enjoy on the main unit (TM6 / TM5). Thermomix Friend cooks between 37˚c up to 120˚c.
  2. Declutter your kitchen. Thermomix Friend can stay off your counter until you need it. Bring out your Friend when you need an extra pair of hands!
  3. Small footprint. Even when Thermomix Friend is on your counter it takes up very little workspace on your countertop.
  4. Speed up your cooking. Want to free up your bowl in the main machine? This is where the Friend really pays dividends. You can start your cooking in one machine and then move the recipe across two machines, so less waiting around.
  5. Do you have a specialist menu to cater for? Perhaps hygiene or specialist food requirements mean you are juggling cooking for different people. Whether juggling perhaps a gluten-free menu with regular, now you can cater for two recipes at the same time.
  6. Parallel cooking – co-ordinate different parts of a recipe so they come together at the same time. Perhaps you want to prepare a supporting food such as rice for a curry, or perhaps two starter options. Whatever your requirement Thermomix Friend will be enable you to bring all these creations to the table at the same time.
  7. Free up your hob – Rather than standing over a hot stove stirring, Thermomix is much better at creating fabulous sauces, soups and desserts. Thermomix Friend takes the effort out of these – who wants to slave over a hot stove?
  8. Cookidoo guided cooking app works with Thermomix Friend. Thermomix Friend already has its own cookbook, but you are assured that there will be many more recipes added shortly.
  9. Want to whip up a quick recipe? Thermomix friend can be used as a standalone machine if you don’t need to coordinate with your TM6 / TM5.
  10. Twice as much fun. Thermomix Friend will just be a great addition to your kitchen.

So why not try a demonstration of Thermomix® and Thermomix Friend® to see how you can:

  • Save money!
  • Save time!
  • Have fun in the kitchen!

Contact me to find out the latest offer as I am an authorised UK Thermomix advisor.




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